About Grimmett & Company

Grimmett & Company offers highly skilled personal, partnership, and corporate tax planning and preparation services for clients in Southern Nevada and throughout the United States. Our continuing education and robust workflow ensure our clients benefit through every aspect of the tax planning and preparation process.

Our commitment to exceptional customer service ensures you will never be just another client at Grimmett & Company. We take a personalized and tailored approach to each client. Our firm is ready to help.

More Than Forty Years of Work

For more than four decades, the professionals at Grimmett & Company have provided skilled tax planning and preparation, accounting and bookkeeping and other financial consulting to southern Nevada and throughout the United States. We have worked hard to establish and maintain our trusted name and will remain dedicated to our client’s success.

While at times, it is challenging to keep up with the constantly changing tax code, we find strength in knowing the resources and workflow we have in place will serve the best interests of our clientele. We focus on solutions that enable our clients to focus on what they do best, knowing we have their back. We will always offer honest solutions and guidance to ensure our clients receive the service needed, thus cultivating a long-term relationship of mutual success.

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